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TableSolution helps restaurants in all categories achieve outstanding success, from hotel dining to rooftop beer gardens. Discover how you can adopt TableSolution's best practices to deliver a new standard of customer service.

Higashiyama Garden

“Our business model differs from other restaurants, but TableSolution has found a way to cater to our unique needs.”

  • Digitized all information making information accessible anywhere anytime
  • Consolidated both restaurant and bridal reservations in one place
  • Prepare and strategize when reservations are made


Higashiyama Garden, THE STYLE restaurant SORA


Restaurant, Wedding Venue

Jillion Co.

TableSolution really listens to our desires and needs and quickly turn them into reality. That’s why I decided to work with them.

  • SMS reservation reminders sent to customers to reduce loss of sales
  • CTI allows staff to identify caller instantly
  • POS integration automatically documents customer order history and spending


Taishu Bistro Jill, Taishu Bistro Ni Jill, Sakaba Shinatora, etc.




Uses TableSolution to automate customer recognition during phone calls and increase engagement.

  • Online reservation rate doubled from 20% to 40% of total.
  • SMS reminders have reduced customer cancellation risk.
  • Phone integration allows instant recognition of customer and visit history.
  • Search and filter customer data to accurately target marketing communication.


Hacienda del Cielo, Restaurant Dazzle, Rigoletto


Mexican, Italian, Japanese


Switched from a third-party system in order to "attack the market," acquire new customers, and increase bookings.

  • Easy reservation user interface to reduce error and opportunity loss.
  • Dinner bookings after 8:30 have doubled.
  • Optimize table allocation using fine-grained seating rules.
  • Acquire international customer bookings using full 8-language support.


Delirium Cafe Tokyo, Belge Aube, Brasserie St. Bernardus


Belgian Beer Bar & Dining

Baycrew's Group

Greatly increased booking rate while simultaneously replacing phone-based and manual labor with online reservations.

  • Replaced phone answering with online booking and automated phone booking (Miseban).
  • Seated 18,303 customers in 3 months via online booking.
  • Achieved 311% booking increase using only online reservations.
  • Restaurant doubles seating capacity in the next year, given its demonstrated success with TableSolution.


The Rooftop, Farmshop


Beer Garden


Dramatically cut workload to handle reservations from third-party media sites, using TableSolution's aggregation technology.

  • Cut costs in half by switching to TableSolution.
  • Reduced daily work burden by utilizing TableSolution's reservation aggregation features not available elsewhere.
  • Evaluated several reservation systems and chose TableSolution for its best-in-class feature support.
  • Realized a smooth migration to TableSolution from the previous system.


Grigio la tavola, Jinnanken



TableSolution CEO

TableSolution is the dining experience breakthrough your customers have been waiting for.

  • TableSolution was built via the feedback of hundreds of restaurants.
  • Delivering a continually improving app via the cloud.
  • Making the "Best Dining Experience" into reality.



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