Better Hospitality

Easily manage contact, birthday and profile information. See your guests complete dining history and group import POS data.

Know your customers

Customer profile

Detail guest profiles, remember your VIPs and share customer data across all your venues. Record past reservations, orders, spending history, likes and dislikes, allergies, birthdays and much more.

  • Customer Profiling. Customize your menus and marketing to each customer.
  • Exceed Expectations Go above and beyond customer expectations with individualized service.
  • Patterns. Identify your customers' dining spending habits.

Caller ID revolutionised

Realtime telephone integration

See who is calling and their reservation details. We support the widest range of phone integration options to seamlessly connect into your workflow.

  • Profile. Instantly see guest profile for recognised callers.
  • Simplify. Create a reservations without having to type contact details.

Customer spending habits

Point-of-sale Integration

TableSolution is the first and only system to offer robust integration with all of Japan's leading POS systems, including NEC, Toshiba TEC, Micros, and more.

  • Cost effective. Dont change providers or expensive hardward requirements.
  • Integrated CRM. Link who is eating and what they are spending.
  • Menu improvements. Use guest spending profiles to make informed menu decisions.

Know your Business Better

Reporting / Analysis

Easily search your customers using any combination of criteria you'd like, including tags (VIP, etc.), amount spent, birthday/anniversary month —the sky's the limit! Make better business decisions about your restaurant with custom reports and analytics.

  • Deep search. Find the exact guests that order 2011 Vintage Port.
  • Client history. Search through guest history to find spending patterns.
  • Special offers. Create tailored special offers based on reports.

Keep intouch

Email marketing

Integrated with detailed customer search and analysis. Build mailing lists using our industry-leading customer search technology, and utilize them in your favorite third-party mailing service. Unsubscription requests will also be linked back to your guests to avoid spamming.

  • Build subscribers. Effortlessly build mailing lists using your online bookings.
  • Target customers. Create targeted emails according to customers' interests.
  • Special occasions. Make your customers' feel special on their birthdays and anniversaries.


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