Manage your floor efficiently

Use Timetable, Floor, List, and Calendar views to quickly locate reservations, find open tables, and prepare for events.

Prevent twos-on-fours

Visual table management

Quickly respond to walk in diners or phone inquiries and never miss a potential cover. Front of house staff can quickly view the status of tables (including custom statuses) and upcoming reservations directly on the restaurant layout.

  • Seating. Automatically asign tables following optimization rules.
  • Table combinations. Create table combinations and custom arrangements.
  • Status. See at a glance color coded table status and upcoming reservations.
  • Familiar. Accurately represent your restaurant layout for ease of use.

The fastest way to manage demand

Visualise table utilization

Ideal for busy restaurants with multiple turnovers looking to fit as many covers as possible. Take advantage of automated reservation blocking using your own custom rules for pacing and table utilization.

  • Prevent Overbookings. Visualise capacity and automatically block reservations.
  • Reservation blocks. Quickly see when tables are unavailable for reservations.
  • Drag and Drop. Simple interface to manage and edit reservations quickly.

Keep a close eye on operations

Custom Daily & Monthly reports

TableSolution automatically prepares both daily and monthly reports, useful for operations, inventory control, marketing, analysis, and much more.

  • Daily report. Provies you with both a hard copy reservation list and customer profiles for daily operation.
  • Monthly report. Allows you to analyse trends, track guest acquisition sources and ensure that initiatives are productive.


Monthly overview

See an overview of the month with upcoming holidays events, notes, reservations and more. Quickly zoom into individual days and start preparing for events in advance.

  • Monthly. View events, notes, and reservations for the entire month.
  • Daily. Easily see the number of reservations and guests per day.
  • Schedule. Easily block all online reservations for certain day to accomodate special events.


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